Design Task: Our Bus

About Ourbus

Founded in 2016, OurBus is a travel and transportation platform that specializes in crowdsourced intercity and commuter bus routes across the United States.

Our model provides bus companies a guaranteed revenue source while also supplying customers with best-in-class bus travel. It’s all thanks to smart network planning, dynamic pricing, and top-notch customer service.

Design Challenge

Ourbus is planning a door to door service.

This is a cab shared service which takes the user from the bus stop to their final destination. Also, a ride-share option which would take the passengers from their home to the bus stop.

This option of ride-share would appear once the user has booked a ticket.

Problem Statement

  1. How would make the customer understand about door to door on the confirmation page?
  2. How would you design the workflow for ride-share booking?


After receiving this challenge, I sat down and make some assumptions.

Some of those being:

  • A user wants to choose the mode of transport to reach the bus stop.
  • A user wants to manage all traveling activities in one single app.
  • Tools, channels used to plan the trip.


I started doing research by looking at types of businesses, user requirements, user expectations, competitors, analyzing UI/UX, user flow, and reviews to identify problems.

Competitor Analysis: Lyft, Red Bus, Makemytrip, Goibibo

User Story

Patric wants to travel from Newyork to Washington. He booked a bus ticket from Newyork to Washington by the Ourbus app. Now he wants to book a cab for the New York bus stop. He used the Ourbus app and know he can book a cab for the New York bus stop before his journey. After checked he booked a cab for New York bus stop by entering his pickup location.

So based on my story I made scenarios to help me understand the user flow.

Situation: Patric wants to book a cab to reach the New York bus stop.

Motivation: Patric used Our Bus application to check the cab.

Result: Patric successfully booked a cab for himself before his travel journey date at his suggested travel time.

Solution 1:

How would make the customer understand about door to door on the confirmation page?

We will let users know about our door to door service in 2 ways. One is on the “Ticket Confirmation Page” and the other from “Dashboard”.

In the ticket confirmation page, we can let the user know about we will take care of your entire journey from your door. Giving an option in the upfront book a cab to “Newyork bus stop” from your pick point.

On the dashboard page, We can show an option to book a cab for an upcoming trip where the user directly books a cab to the new york bus stop.

Solution 2:

How would you design the workflow for ride-share booking?

User flow

A user journey combines two powerful instruments — storytelling and visualization — to help teams understand and address customer needs. While maps take a wide variety of forms depending on context and business goals, certain elements are generally included, and there are underlying guidelines to follow that help them be the most successful.

Share Ride Wireframe

After getting all the details about the solution and had a better understanding of user goals and behavior, I decided to make wireframes for those screens. Wireframes gave me an idea that how things would look like and made my work easy for design.

Booking share ride flow

Basically, you get the idea of a solution that I am going to propose for ride-share booking with user flow and wireframes. Ride-share is an innovative solution for travelers that removes the pain of booking cabs on travel days. Many times we didn’t get a cab when we try to book on travel day before the trip.

Things to require to book a ride-share cab

  1. User interstate travel details (Date, Time, Destinations, etc…)
  2. Need user pick-up location where the user will get a cab to reach a particular bus stop.
  3. As per the bus ticket user need to select at what time he has to pick a cab with the number of seats he/she wants to book?

The above scenario helps me to build a solution for the book share ride.

Based on the availability and near cab on travel date, we will share cab and driver details 30 before the cab booking time.

The End

I hope it gave you a little insight into the decisions I made. Maybe I am not right at every stage but I am a little proud to do this task. As I am not a user experience generator, but a user feedback translator.

What I love the most is talking to the users, solving their problems, and delivering joy to people’s life. I have lots of fun doing case studies in my spare time and I want to thank all my friends and mentors who help me along the way.

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I am sure you want to chat about this solution in detail, I would love to have a detailed discussion.

Let me know what you think! Bye!

Thanks again for your precious time. Cheers!



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